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Big 5 Vision: Transition + Re-Imagination

Join me at my FREE workshop, Big 5 Visioning: Transition and Re-Imagination, on:


  • Saturday, Oct. 2nd from 10 am - 12 pm Pacific or

  • Saturday, Oct. 23rd from 10 am - 12 pm Pacific


As we close out the last quarter of the year, what wisdom can you HARVEST from this last season (whether it's the last year, the last 18 months, or this past summer) to propel you FORWARD as we all collectively move into new territories? How do you want to finish 2021 and what do you want to step into for the new year in 5 key areas of your life (Health, Career, Relationships, Finances, and That Which is Greater)?


Through this 2-hour interactive workshop, let’s reflect on the lessons of this extraordinary time so you can fully embrace this new chapter with more clarity and intention. You’ll:


  • Engage in a potent ritual to reflect, close out, and integrate the wisdom from the past 18 months

  • Participate in a sacred space to mourn, forgive, and let go of any unfulfilled hopes, failures, and regrets 

  • Honor the threshold and this present moment

  • Say yes to yourself and explore goals in 5 key areas of your life that you want to manifest

  • Activate your future vision through a powerful group energy healing session


Key Workshop Elements:

  • Journaling prompts and a powerful exercise to release stagnant, negative energy and untap your inner guidance

  • Guided visualization to awaken your big, bold dreams in the 5 key life areas of health, career, relationships, money, and That Which Is Greater

  • Energy healing to bring in calm and balance to your body and mind and supercharge your future vision

Let’s Work Together

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