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true power 

is living

the realization

that you are your own

healer, hero, and leader

- yung pueblo

Leslie Toy

Program Manager, Community Partners

"Noilyn genuinely wants her clients to succeed. I felt instantly connected to her as she is a fellow woman of color with backgrounds in both health and the non-profit sector. She created a non-judgmental space that allowed me to dig deep, be bold, vulnerable and reflective. With coaching, you are forced to look internally for potential answers or solutions, and I felt Noilyn always knew the right questions to get me thinking and keep the conversation moving along. I'm looking forward to continuing to take ownership and direction over my own life's purpose. I want to continue to set boundaries for myself both personally and professionally, challenge myself to reach out to others for help when needed, and take time to recognize and celebrate both the small and big victories in my life. Coaching has helped to grow my confidence in myself, and I am grateful for Noilyn's support as a coach!

Angela Edward

Founder of Kaselel Counseling & Consultation, LLC & For Micronesians by Micronesians podcast

"Noilyn has added so much joy, intrinsic progress, and direction to my life. When I started working with Noilyn, I had a lot of energy with no direction to steer it. Once we started, I felt a fast connection and could already see myself healing in both tangible and intangible ways. Since our journey together, I have since started a successful podcast and a business. I am actively able to provide mental health therapy to my community now and service the Micronesian population! I give credit to Noilyn for being not only a part of my journey, but an integral piece of my passion's puzzle! I cannot recommend her services enough." 

Michelle Magalong

Assistant Professor, Historic Preservation, 

University of Maryland School

of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

"When we first started my coaching sessions, Noilyn asked, 'What do you want out of this experience?' I replied, 'I want to let my true Self shine.' Noilyn helped me break old, destructive habits and patterns while challenging me to explore new, supportive ones. Her approach goes beyond traditional coaching with her holistic understanding of gender, culture, age, race, and other dynamics many professional women of color deal with on a daily basis, as well as those imposed by others in our personal and professional lives. Her approach helped me center my Self as a whole person – spiritually, physically, mentally – and in mind with who I may be to others and in the world. It has been 3 years since my coaching experience and I can attest that Noilyn has not only played a pivotal role in helping me shine in my work, in my relationships, but also in the trail that I am blazing for myself."

Donna-Marie Palakiko

Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Operations Coordinator, Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program/Papa Ola Lokahi

"In less than a year, I lost my mom, sister, and son who was born at 21 weeks. I felt a lack of trust and abandonment and these feelings held me back. Noilyn's coaching provided tools to trust myself again, let go of my fears and focus on life, living, and fully engaging in experiencing life. I am being true to who I am and continue to honor my family through my work. My focus has shifted from being lost and confused to living a balanced life where living grounds me and work is fun again. In my personal life, I continue to grow as a person, learning to give and more importantly receive fully. In my career, I am diversifying my skills and knowledge in the area of leadership with the intent to share what I have learned with others. I'm looking forward to the future because I truly understand the gifts that my family but most importantly my son gave me, love, life, and light."

Dawn J. Fraser

Storyteller, Speaker, Communications Coach. Founder/CEO, Fraser's Edge, LLC.

" 'You can’t be what you can’t see’, and as a communications coach whose contracts starting drying up amidst the coronavirus pandemic, I wasn’t sure about the long term feasibility of my business. For several months, I couldn’t see a path forward and was in a constant stage of stagnation. Working with Noilyn changed all that. After receiving her energy healing sessions and leadership coaching, I felt lighter, more clear, and more confident about pivoting with new offerings. Due to her healing energy and leadership coaching, I was able to secure clients which helped to establish a six-figure business within a matter of months!  If you are considering working with Noilyn, you can expect personalized world class treatment, and an investment in yourself that could magnify your goals beyond what was ever imagined."    

Samira Ghosh

Director of Advocacy,

Asian Family Support Services of Austin

"Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us [in the leadership program]. It has been a life altering experience. I am overwhelmed by the holistic growth and skill building that you so successfully and patiently facilitated. With a heart full of gratitude."

Edward Tepporn

Executive Director,

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

"I’ve had the opportunity to know and get to work with Noilyn for many years. First in her leadership role at Coalition for Asian Children and Families as part of APIAHF’s Health Through Action Network. And more recently over the past few years as we collaborated to co-create the Health Rising Leadership Institute (a 9-month long leadership development program that helps Asians, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders further develop their leadership and storytelling capacity). Noilyn was a tremendous asset to the team, and her experience, expertise, and holistic approach are embedded in the program’s curriculum. Not only is she a strong writer and training designer, but she also is an skilled, empathic facilitator and coach with a gift for creating a safe, authentic environments that allow participants to engage in self-reflection and uncover their own self-learnings and transformation."

Joey Akima


Health Advocate

"Thank you! It’s been years since I’ve meditated and with everything going on in my life right now, I honestly thought that I couldn’t bring myself to the place of stillness, gratitude,

divine-ness, and blessing that you took us to. You helped me release a lot of unwanted, unnecessary, negative energy blocking my positive energy."

Kevin Lian

Herbal Artist + Co-Founder, APOTHERIE

"Your healing powers totally helped me change my life! Just that one day in December ignited me on a path and look at everything now. Thank you."

Chez Liu

"I have been curious about learning Reiki for some time now. I came in for a session just to experience it first hand [and see] what it is all about. I have to say that it was magical! It certainly was not a placebo effect, it is very much REAL and soothing to the body... once the healing started my body instantly felt warm and tingly all over like a gentle electric current running through. The warmth that I felt in my body was wonderful, but most of all I felt very light physically and spiritually. Noilyn is enthusiastic about what she does. She was patient and made sure all of my questions were answered. Nothing was ever rushed. Overall, the experience was amazing, very tranquil and calming." 

Kat Torres

Founder, CEO, Certified Success Coach, Kat Torres Coaching + Consulting

"Noilyn has been my trusted healer for several years. She is truly talented at what she does and genuinely cares about her clients and their outcomes. Her calming, reassuring presence, along with thoughtfulness and intention she brings to each session makes you feel safe, confident and at ease in your healing process. 

Over the years, I have worked with Noilyn to heal and improve several areas of my life- finances, physical and energetic healing, space clearings, dissolving limiting beliefs and installing new ones, ancestral/generational healings… you name it. I don’t know where I would be in my journey without her.

Most recently my son broke his leg and needed surgery. He was in terrible pain and he was experiencing anxiety and depression almost daily. I consulted with Noilyn and she began a series of virtual healings on him right away. During her sessions, he would often feel an immediate decrease in his pain and feel his mood lighten, which I could also visibly see for myself. As if all she was doing wasn’t enough, she also began treating his incision. Before she began, the area was super inflamed, itchy and painful and after just a couple sessions it became flush, the redness was gone and he just had minor itching here and there. His doctor has commented during his check ups that he’s impressed with how quickly my son has been healing. I feel immensely grateful to have Noilyn in my life and without a doubt recommend working with her."

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