true power 

is living

the realization

that you are your own

healer, hero, and leader

- yung pueblo

Leslie Toy

Partner, Daughter, Friend


Program Manager for Advancing Justice-Los Angeles' Health Access Project

"Noilyn genuinely wants her clients to succeed. I felt instantly connected to her as she is a fellow woman of color with background in both health and the non-profit sector. She created a non-judgmental space that allowed me to dig deep, be bold, vulnerable and reflective. With coaching, you are forced to look internally for potential answers or solutions, and I felt Noilyn always knew the right questions to get me thinking and keep the conversation moving along. I'm looking forward to continuing to take ownership and direction over my own life's purpose. I want to continue to set boundaries for myself both personally and professionally, challenge myself to reach out to others for help when needed, and take time to recognize and celebrate both the small and big victories in my life. Coaching has helped to grow my confidence in myself, and I am grateful for Noilyn's support as a coach!"

Iona Kuk

Mother of 3, Wife, Registered Nurse

"Having a life coach taught me how to really dig deep and answer questions honestly, without bias, and without being judged. I felt like I was peeling off layers to get to the core of myself. It was the first time that I was told that it was ok to have some “me” time. It was not something that I thought was important but learned that it is essential to my overall well-being. The first step toward my goal of losing weight was to change my mindset. Through Noilyn's coaching, one valuable lesson I learned was how to talk to myself positively. The thoughts that were in my head, the words that I say, and the way that I see myself ultimately affects how I feel. Looking in the mirror and actually saying positive words to my own image was a very powerful exercise. My friends, family, and coworkers noticed a change in my appearance and attitude. The most flattering was when someone would tell me that I was an inspiration to them. I learned that life is a work in progress and that I have an opportunity to be a better version of myself each day. What started out as a weight loss goal turned into a lifetime journey to wellness.”

Michelle Magalong, PhD

Daughter, Auntie, Ninang, Friend

Executive Director, APIAHiP, Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

"When we first started my coaching sessions, Noilyn asked, 'What do you want out of this experience?' I replied, 'I want to let my true Self shine.' Noilyn helped me break old, destructive habits and patterns while challenging me to explore new, supportive ones. Her approach goes beyond traditional coaching with her holistic understanding of gender, culture, age, race, and other dynamics many professional women of color deal with on a daily basis, as well as those imposed by others in our personal and professional lives. Her approach helped me center my Self as a whole person – spiritually, physically, mentally – and in mind with who I may be to others and in the world. It has been 3 years since my coaching experience and I can attest that Noilyn has not only played a pivotal role in helping me shine in my work, in my relationships, but also in the trail that I am blazing for myself."

Aimee Parmley

Mother of 2, Wife, Attorney

"One area I wanted to grow was learning how to manage stress and relax. I regularly incorporate breathing and mindfulness techniques I learned with Noilyn, and have found myself calmer and able to be more present with my spouse and kids. Working with Noilyn helped give me the tools to evaluate the areas where I want to continue to grow, the knowledge that I can pick myself up if I get derailed, and the ability to give myself grace for each step of my journey."

Donna-Marie Palakiko, PhD, MS, RN, APRN

Mother, Sister, Daughter, Partner, Friend, Native Hawaiian Mana Wahine


Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Operations Coordinator, Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program/Papa Ola Lokahi; Director of Gift and Health Ministry, St. Augustine Church

"In less than a year, I lost my mom, sister, and son who was born at 21 weeks. I felt a lack of trust and abandonment and these feelings held me back. Noilyn's coaching provided tools to trust myself again, let go of my fears and focus on life, living, and fully engaging in experiencing life. I am being true to who I am and continue to honor my family through my work. My focus has shifted from being lost and confused to living a balanced life where living grounds me and work is fun again. In my personal life, I continue to grow as a person, learning to give and more importantly receive fully. In my career, I am diversifying my skills and knowledge in the area of leadership with the intent to share what I have learned with others. I'm looking forward to the future because I truly understand the gifts that my family but most importantly my son gave me, love, life, and light."

O. Fahina Tavase-Pase

Mother of 5 Grandmother of 17, Wife, Sister, Daughter


Executive Director of National Tongan American Society

"Before I worked with Noilyn, I was a thinker with little action!  I would get things done, but it would take me forever to finally begin...and sometimes, things I wanted to do...never got started! Noilyn always had great suggestions of things to do, things to read, things to think about. She held me accountable to what I said I would do. On the days when I did not complete my 'To Dos,' she was very understanding and I was still able to move on with things that I needed. Noilyn told me certain insights about myself in such a way that I never thought of. I knew I was determined in many things...but I never figured out that once my goals were broken down to specific small steps, my determination turns into crazy-action. She is a great coach, cheerleader, and inspiring. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for all the time and help in getting me on a more productive path!  You rock, Coach!!!" 

Huong Nguyen

Mother of 2, Wife, Women's Advocate

"Noilyn helped me reflect, explore, shape my own philosophy and personal vision. As a fellow woman of color, I felt really connected to her. Noilyn could understand exactly what I talked about or experienced because she has been there. It's been one of the few spaces that I didn't have to explain what it means to be an Asian American woman and the struggles we face."

Mahbooba Pannah

Mother of 2, Daughter, Community Organizer


Case Manager at New Mexico Asian Family Center

"Before coaching with Noilyn, I felt overall frustrated, lacked confidence, and consistently put myself down. I was lucky to get connected with her and she helped me so much in the past few months. I was able to make lots of changes in my personal life and my family life. My biggest problem was my connection with my teenage son, we were having so many issues due to lack of communication. Through coaching, I learned more about myself and my son. We are now able to talk for hours and build trust between us. She also helped me realize my strengths. Things I never thought about and never realized were assets.​ I have great hopes for the future and am motivated to keep moving forward. I believe anything is possible if you are willing to embrace change and stay determined."   

Jennifer Chau

Nonprofit leader, 1st Generation Chinese American 

Woman, Community Activist. 

"When I started working with Noilyn,  I had just moved to a new state and felt overwhelmed living in a new environment that was unfamiliar to me. I was afraid of being in a space that took me out of my comfort zone and questioned my own leadership. Noilyn provided concrete guidance in overcoming my fears and building my confidence. Being able to recognize and implement work-life balance has greatly enhanced my ability to be fully present. My favorite part was having a person to listen and understand my goals and struggles. After the coaching sessions, I have a new found sense of purpose in life and am more in tune with my leadership skills. I’m truly grateful for the coaching sessions I had with Noilyn."