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Unlock Your Inner Creator


In a time of destruction,

create something.

- Maxine Hong Kingston

Welcome to the Unlock Your Inner Creator series. My intention with this series is to spark conversations with passionate change makers and creatives that bravely dared to dream of new ways and took action. 


I think about Maxine Hong Kingston’s quote often, “In a time of destruction, create something.” We are in the midst of a long stretch of the unknown. That unknown and uncertainty is what we have been taught and programmed to fear. I’d like to offer a different perspective. That the unknown is the place of possibility… there are infinite possibilities of creation when we do not know. That is because we are powerful, creative beings that can and have birth different ways that honor the dignity and wholeness of each person, living thing, and our planet. Despite the chaos that is happening around us, a radical, liberated future... a new earth can be realized and is possible. We can create new and better if we choose to take brave steps. I invite you to explore with me what that can look like. 

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Season 1

Spring - Summer 2021: Brave Steps

  • S1, Epi.1: Joseph Santos-Lyons 

  • S1, Epi. 2: Kevin Lian

  • S1, Epi. 3: Leah Angela Sahagun

  • S1, Epi. 4: Sophia Agtarap

  • S1, Epi. 5: Hannah Moore

  • S1, Epi. 6: Dawn Fraser

  • S1, Epi. 7: Ramon Gil

  • S1, Epi. 8: Patricia Dayleg

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Season 2

Fall 2021: Transitions

Season 3

Winter 2022: Power in the Pause

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