self-care is how you

take your power back.

self-care until you're you again.

- lalah delia

Hi! I'm Noilyn Mendoza. 

I'm a certified holistic health + life coach, leadership consultant, 

facilitator, energy healer, mama, and wife.


In 2016, I founded The Radiant U, LLC with a mission to empower new mamas + women of color nonprofit leaders to move from overwhelmed and burnout martyrs to embracing their wholly RADIANT selves. After 18 years in the public sector field fighting for healthcare access for Asian Americans in NYC and nationally, I now provide transformative coaching and offerings for women to realign with their life purpose, live and lead from their values, and manifest a dynamic vision for their lives.

I know firsthand how depletion and disconnection happen as a cost to constantly putting others’ needs before your own and letting self-care go by the wayside. I’m a recovering multi-tasker, DIYer, yes-woman, and over-planner. For as long as I can remember, I defined my self worth in terms of how many things I could juggle and doing literally everything myself. My automatic response to any request was a quick and fast yes even though deep down I really wanted to say no. I’d create detailed plans of my life down to the minute, expected those plans to hold up and beat myself up when things didn't pan out. 

I was burning the candles at both ends... disengaged from my work and volunteer activities. I lost a sense of what nourished me and felt unmotivated. Most things felt robotic like I was simply going through the motions day-to-day. The worse part? I became completely detached from myself and my body. The signs were everywhere that this pace was not sustainable but I ignored them for years.


Then at 38-years-old, I became a first-time mama and finally started to better listen to my intuition/gut, my body, and my soul.  I had to face the honest truth that I was living in complete misalignment with what I most desired in life -  FREEDOM, CREATIVITY, CONNECTION. Becoming a mother held a big mirror up to my life. I began to see the things I needed to embrace about myself as well as the areas I needed to grow. In many ways, the births of each of my children were my RE-BIRTHS. 

I had to do the tough inner work to become more aware of my blind spots, face old stories and conditioning, and learn the hard way that taking care of myself and prioritizing my needs was essential to my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. As I began to share my story, I realized there are so many of us feeling alone in our journey to motherhood, career growth (or stagnation), and life transitions. I'm here to tell you are not alone and that you are worthy of living a life of purpose, bliss, peace, and unwavering acceptance. 

Sis, I believe in you and that

your HEALING, 



will allow others to do the same.

Do you want to boldly dig deep, move from limiting beliefs to possibilities, and start investing more in yourself? I'd be honored to be your coach and look forward to cheering you on as you untap and reawaken that inner radiance you've always had. 


Now is your time.





Are you ready to begin your journey to wholeness + wellness?