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Reflect. Receive. Renew: 3-Part Offering

Do you find yourself amazed at how quickly the year has passed?


This is especially true as we continue to adapt to new challenges and uncertainties.

Many of us feel overwhelmed during this season, balancing holiday preparations and long-awaited reunions with loved ones. Concurrently, there's a push to achieve end-of-year goals while navigating the dynamic changing world we are living in.

If we only had a moment to sit down and reflect, maybe I could step into the new year differently.

Sound familiar?

But how can we make sure that our dreams and goals don't just

remain thoughts, but transform into reality?


As we approach the new year, there's a fantastic chance for us to consciously shape our lives with more thoughtfulness and alignment in 2024.

Let's achieve this together by embracing the powers of REFLECTION, RECEIVE, and RENEW.

 When we do these three things together, we are able to step into 2024 with more

intention, clarity, and groundedness despite all the chaos that is happening around us.





We're excited to unveil our exclusive end-of-year and New Year offerings, designed to empower

your journey into the new year with intention and clarity.


Reflect and Set Intentions with Our End-of-Year Workbook ($20)

Dive into a journey of self-discovery with our meticulously crafted workbook. Filled with thoughtful journal prompts, it's designed to guide you through a reflection of the past year and set powerful intentions for the year ahead. Grab your copy now and start your 2024 with clarity and purpose!



Personalized Ema Blessings in Japan ($45)

Looking for a unique way to manifest your dreams? Send us your intentions, prayers, and wishes in the realms of health, career, and relationships. For $45, I will personally write them on an ema (a traditional Japanese prayer plaque) and offer them at revered shrines and temples during my New Year trip to Japan. Plus, you'll receive a video of the offering process, bringing a piece of this sacred journey to your doorstep.



A Transformative Full Moon Energy Healing Session via Zoom ($224)

Join us on January 25, 2024 at 4 pm Pacific, for a deeply healing and rejuvenating online group session. This special event includes a guided meditation, a healing practice to release and let go, and blessing your projects and goals under the first full moon of the new year. Enhance your well-being and set the stage for an abundant 2024. A video will be sent to all participants. 



Exclusive Bundle Offer: Get All Three for $222

Embrace the full spectrum of our offerings with a special bundled price of $222, saving you $67! This comprehensive package includes the reflective workbook, your personal ema blessing in Japan, and the transformative full moon energy healing session. Don't miss this opportunity to kickstart your year with positivity and intention.




Ready to harness the power of reflection, receiving, and renewal?

Let’s Work Together

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