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Strategic Consulting

I specialize in providing business and organizational consulting services tailored for heart-centered entrepreneurs and socially-driven organizations.  At the core of my approach is a commitment to fostering sustainable growth, purposeful impact, and values-aligned success.


I understand that your business or organization is more than just a venture; it's a heartfelt mission to make a positive difference in the world. I, along with a  brilliant team of seasoned consultants, am dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations that seek to create new pathways of collective care, shared abundance, and self-actualization.


What Sets Us Apart:

  • Healing-Focused Approach: We believe that healing must be centered first and foremost on the leaders who lead dynamic organizations.  Our consultants are not just experts in business strategy; they are advocates for sustainable leaders. Our guiding framework embodies the profound truth that healing and renewal are not mere facets of leadership but are the very essence of becoming an empowered and whole leader. Our leadership journey towards sustainability is nurtured by the rhythm of self-care, compassion, and rejuvenation, for it is in our wholeness that we inspire others to create waves of positive change.


  • Sustainability and Social Impact: Whether you're a social enterprise, non-profit, or a for-profit business with a social mission, we help you maximize your positive impact. From sustainable practices to community engagement strategies, we guide you in building a business that contributes to a better world.


  • Customized Strategies: Recognizing that every heart-centered venture is unique, we tailor our consulting services to meet your specific needs. We meet you where you are. Whether you're in the early stages of launching and development or seeking to enhance your existing operations, we collaborate with you to create strategies that resonate with your mission.



Our Services:

  • Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

  • Business Strategy and Planning for Founders and New Entrepreneurs

  • Group Coaching, Meetings, and Retreat Facilitation

  • Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

  • Fund Development, Fundraising, and Grant Writing Consulting

  • Program Development, Management, and Data/Evaluation Consulting

  • Strategic Partnership and Collaborations 

  • Storytelling and Public Speaking Training

Let's Create a Positive Ripple Effect Together:

Let’s embark on a journey together and co-create a future where your business or organization not only flourishes but also leaves a lasting, positive impact on the world. Contact me today to explore how our consulting services can elevate your heart-centered mission to new heights.

Let’s Work Together

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