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E3: Empowered + Embodied Entrepreneur






The new cohort begins Spring 2024!

E3: Empowered + Embodied Entrepreneur 

a group program for heart-based entrepreneurs that seek to align their personal growth with their business growth. 

When you join the E3 program, you will be part of an interactive, sacred, and safe container that centers exploration, deep inner work, and practical step-by-step business tools for emerging entrepreneurs and changemakers. Whether you are a side-hustler, just launching your business, or have been doing it for a couple of years and wanting to expand, we are ready to hold a container that

will help align your personal growth with your business growth.


 In this program, you will:

  • Be in a supportive, nonjudgmental community with others who are on a shared path towards creating new pathways, financial sovereignty, and healing as an empowered and embodied entrepreneur. 

  • Opportunities to foster imagination, self-expression, and taking action on dreams for your business through group accountability and resource sharing

  • Exploring your key money archetypes and how these impact your business (and personal) decisions, processes, and offerings

  • Integration of the seven main chakras of the body and how these serve as anchor points for business management

  • Showing up confidently whole as an empathetic and heart-centered entrepreneur in your authentic power


The program elements include:


  • An intimate group of 6-8 like-minded heart-centered entrepreneurs

  • Seven Bi-weekly 90 minute discussion spaces with fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs guided by the work of Tara Jackson with spiritual business owners.

  • Develop business plans based on your unique Kabbalistic Yearly Cycle

  • Creation of your ideal client niche, your personal business vision and why, what makes you unique and different as a heart-based entrepreneur, and the fundamentals of offerings, packages, and pricing strategies. 

  • Deep dive on understanding your unique Sacred Money Archetype and how this impacts your personal life and business


















How Do I Enroll?

I want to make sure that this is a deep down, in your heart and gut, YES , for both of us!


If you are ready to explore if the Empowered + Embodied Entrepreneur program is right for you,

book a free, no obligation 30-minute Discovery Call


During this time, we’ll discuss your goals and intentions, the elements of the program, and work together to decide

if this program is the best fit for your needs, including your investment options. 

We launch the next cohort of the E3: Empowered + Embodied Entrepreneur program in Spring 2024.


The impact of this coaching

for changemakers:

“Noilyn's presence really lit a little fire in me. She brought out something in me that I didn’t know I had. Every virtual meeting was something to be excited about for me. Every training session, every one-on-one was sort of slowly turning me into someone that was totally different from who I was months and years prior. This transformation of mine is something I never dreamt of happening. “ – L.A.

  " I know how badly the world needs the gifts of empaths, healers and sensitives, to help it come back into balance. But I know it can be overwhelming and it can seem like there is so much you can do, you don’t know where to begin, so don’t. Or you get stuck and don't show up, own your worth, or take action in the way you know you are being called to."


- Tara Jackson 

Let’s Work Together

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