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Meditation Circle

*I will restart the weekly meditation circle May 2023. Please sign up to get on the mailing list to get more details* 

I lead participants through the Meditation on Twin Hearts (MTH). This meditation in particular has deepened my meditation practice considerably in profound ways and I'd love to share its benefits with you.


Meditation on Twin Hearts, introduced by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, is a simple yet powerful guided meditation for anyone seeking to bring more clarity and calm into every aspect of their life - physical, emotional, and mental health, relationships, finances, and inner illumination.


This guided meditation is a form of world service that helps to bring harmony by blessing the earth with loving-kindness, peace, joy, and good will. It is integrative, non-denominational, and spiritually inclusive. All are welcome and invited to join regardless of your meditation experience.

To learn more about the benefits of the Meditation on Twin Hearts, check out this video from the Institute for Inner Studies, Inc. 

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