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1:1 Pranic Healing Sessions

This is a 60-minute energy healing session that uses a combination of modalities including "no touch" technique, guided meditation and visualization, vocal toning, singing bowls, and crystals. The goal of each session is stress reduction and relaxation that promotes overall healing. These modalities are based on the idea of an unseen "universal life energy" that flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. By raising the vibration to the highest level in each chakra and removing blockages, one can fully tap into our own innate wisdom and ability to self-heal. I personalize each session to the needs of the client working to heal their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves all simultaneously.


** All energy healing sessions will be distance/online sessions until further notice. **

I offer Pranic Healing for:

  • Physical Healing

  • Emotional/Psychological Healing

  • Relationship Healing

  • Prosperity and Abundance

  • Generational Healing

  • Space Clearing


New Client Deal:


Regular Sessions & Bundle Packages: 

Group Pranic Healing Sessions

These healings focus on removing the root causes of physical pain and aches, emotional distress, and any energetic obstacles so you can fully live your life with more vitality, zest, and possibility. This service includes distant pranic healings* by a team of certified pranic healers and individual 1:1 check in Zoom calls.

*Healing Sessions are conducted without physical (or online) interaction during the session. You do not need to be present.

For an effective healing process and to monitor your progress, your feedback is required (minimum once a week) via email and during weekly check-ins.

The Collective Spark is a team of certified Pranic Healers who have committed their lives to helping you heal yours. Whether that means physical, emotional, mental healing or all of the above, we’re here to support you. We have 50+ years of combined experience as Pranic Healers and serve as Pranic Healing instructors, mentors and organizers across the U.S. The team completed over 1000 sessions together meeting daily since March 2020 to heal critically ill COVID-19 patients in hospitals, those sick at home, and medical frontliners.

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