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Live Your
Soul Purpose

transformative coaching, strategic consulting, and energy healing for passionate changemakers + creatives


What are you meant to do in this lifetim?





You are at a CROSSROADSYou’ve accomplished many things in your career and personal life, but something is missing. You feel unfulfilled, unmotivated, and just plain tired.

You constantly tell yourself, ‘How did I get here?’ and 'There’s got to be more than this.' You want change, but worry you’re too old and you’re running out of time to follow your heart.

You're terrified of starting over, making the wrong decision, and failing. You wonder… can I really do this?


Deep down, you are a SEEKER that craves more ease, creativity, and expansion.  Because frankly, when you aren't following the path suggested by someone else and worrying about what others think... you dream and imagine again.

You trust and remember your truest self.

You’re at peace, fulfilled, clear and in the flow.

Alignment with your purpose inspires you every day and propels you forward.

Yet, how can you make space for what your Soul really wants with the pressure to hold up everything for everyone else?

Heck, you don’t even know where to begin.

I HEAR you. I FEEL you. I SEE you. Because I was there too. 

This is where I come in.     


Hi! I'm Noilyn Mendoza. 


Noilyn Mendoza is an executive coach, a savvy business and organizational strategist, and a Certified Pranic Healer. But her real title? She calls herself a "Soul Purpose Coach." Noilyn specializes in supporting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color changemakers who've lost their way and want to reignite their dreams. She's your bold dream navigator and champion, helping you shift from fear to action so you can start living the life you're truly meant to live. Her journey has taken her through 18 years in the public sector, advocating for immigrant healthcare access in NYC. Noilyn knows firsthand how easy it is to put others' needs first and forget about your own dreams. She now guides individuals at a pivotal moment in their lives to imagine again and rediscover their purpose. Since 2017, Noilyn has been a catalyst for hundreds of individuals, helping them tap into their creative potential, find newfound clarity, and discover new possibilities. She's also the host of "Unlock Your Inner Creator," where she dives into enlightening conversations with brave pathfinders who dare to explore fresh ways of living, being, and doing. When she's not empowering people to step into their greatness, Noilyn engages in epic dance-offs with her kids, tends to her burgeoning green thumb, and continues her quest to fill her passport with stamps. She and her family live in sunny Southern California.

Noilyn helped me breakthrough walls of fear, shame, and trauma by providing me with tools in setting goals, breaking destructive patterns, and creating my own path.

- Michelle Magalong, PhD, Researcher, Scholar, Activist


Let's Work Together

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Pranic Healing

Are you feeling blocked or stuck?  Suffering from chronic aches and pain? Do you constantly feel depleted and stressed from these challenging times?

I am passionate about helping people connect back to their most vibrant, whole, and Highest Self through powerful energy healing technologies. By working with the “universal life energy” that flows through us, we can tap into our own innate ability to heal. I personalize each energy healing session to the client's needs working to simultaneously heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Transformative Coaching

Are you feeling burnout and wondering what's next? Feel like you aren't living out your fullest potential? Do you worry it’s too late to pursue a lifelong goal?

As someone who has been at a juncture in their career and personal life, I recognize the fears and doubts of taking that first big leap into a new season of expansion. I will help you to uncover your strengths and growth edges, reimagine what's possible, and unlock your innate creative power to share your gifts to the world.  So, you can do the work you are meant to be doing in this lifetime.

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Strategic Consulting

Are there synergies in our work, perspectives, or something you yearn to create for women, immigrants, and Black, Indigenous, People of Color?  Do you desire to shape change from the lens of decolonization, regeneration, and harmony with the cycles of nature and the Universe? I specialize in providing business and organizational consulting services tailored for heart-centered entrepreneurs and socially-driven organizations.  At the core of my approach is a commitment to fostering sustainable growth, purposeful impact, and values-aligned success.

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