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Caring for Yourself is a Radical Act of Love

You are constantly juggling everything and everyone else's needs. You feel like you have to give 110% to your kids, your partner, and your job. You wonder why it's so hard because all your friends make motherhood look effortless.  You are doing your best but it never feels like it's enough. You feel guilty for wanting time out for yourself. 


Or, you are a seasoned staff member at a small nonprofit organization wearing a gazillion hats. You feel stretched too thin but don’t know how to say no. You are making a difference in the lives of countless people but it leaves you feeling drained with little energy for things you used to love to do. You are totally wired all the time and unable to completely shut off from work on nights, weekends, and vacation.

You crave more energy, time to think, and creativity. Because frankly, when your plate isn’t overflowing with a to-do list that’s a mile long... you are less frazzled, more present, have greater clarity, and can savor quality time with the ones you love. But, how can you make space for what you really want with the pressure to hold up everything for everyone else? Heck, you don’t even know where to begin.


Sister, I HEAR you. I FEEL you. I SEE you. Because I was there too. This is where I come in.



Hi! I'm Noilyn Mendoza. 


I'm a certified holistic health + life coach, leadership consultant, group facilitator, and energy healer that supports new mamas and women of color nonprofit leaders to move from overwhelmed and burnout martyrs to embracing their wholly RADIANT self. I know firsthand how depletion and disconnection happen as a cost to constantly putting others’ needs before your own and letting self-care go by the wayside. After 18 years in the public sector field fighting for healthcare access for Asian Americans in NYC and nationally, I now provide transformative coaching and offerings for people to realign with their life purpose, live and lead from their values, and manifest a dynamic vision for their lives. When not supporting powerful women to open up to their needs and fully step into their greatness, I can be found having a dance-off with my kids, developing my green thumb, or rummaging flea markets with my husband for our next vintage score. My family and I currently live in sunny Southern California and will cherish NYC forever in our hearts. 


Let's Work Together

Mothering Yourself

Are you a new mama in your 30s and 40s? Do you feel like you have to be all-in as a mother, worker, partner, friend, and daughter? Are struggling to find time for yourself? I see you, Mama, I've been there, and you are not alone. I am passionate about working with mothers to come back to themselves, honoring their needs, and saying yes to fully showing up in their lives.

Transformational Leadership

Do you seek to inspire and motivate your team better?  Is your job in alignment with your values? Are you feeling burnout and wondering what's next? As a nonprofit sector veteran, I know the struggles of working in organizations that are well-intentioned but often under-resourced, under-staffed, and overworked. I will help you to uncover your strengths and growth edges so you can rise to the next level of your leadership. 


Are there synergies in our work, perspectives, or something you yearn to co-create for mamas and women of color nonprofit leaders?  Are you a fellow healer and light worker? I pride myself in being a bridge builder + connector. I'm always looking for new and innovative opportunities to collaborate with like-minded souls.

Noilyn helped me breakthrough walls of fear, shame, and trauma

by providing me with tools in setting goals, breaking destructive patterns, and creating my own path.

- Michelle Magalong, PhD, Researcher, Scholar, Activist

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